• User Access Control
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    User Access Control

    Follow simple steps described in this section to setup user access to QuantOffice Cloud System.

    The system has two access levels:

    1. Manager Personal Account

    Follow these steps to update your existing password on the Keycloak Account Management panel.

    1. On the QuantOffice Cloud Landing page click Account to navigate to a Keycloak Account Management panel.
    2. Click Personal Info to navigate to yor personal account settings.
    3. In Account Security go to Signing In and click Update in My Password section.
    4. On the Sing In screen enter your existing credentials to open an Update Password screen.
    5. On Update Password screen enter and confirm your new password.

    2. Manage Accounts for Users

    In the Keycloak Administration Console you can add and manage other system users.

    1. Navigate to Keycloak Administration Console and click Users in Manage menu section.
    2. On the Users screen click Add user to create a new system user.
    3. Fill in the Add User form and click Save to create a new user.
    4. In Credentials tab set a password for the new user.
    5. Enable Temporary toggle to prompt user to change password at the first sign in attempt.